December 7, 2013 / Washington, DC

An Epic One-Day Erlang Conference in Washington, DC

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February's ErlangDC 2013 Epic One-Day Erlang Conference was so awesome, we just couldn't wait for 2014 to do it again!

In the morning...

This time around, we have two wonderful options in the morning to choose from...

- "Intro to Elixir" bootcamp

Are you interested in Elixir, the hot new programming language created by Jose Valim, member of the Ruby on Rails Core Team? ("This is good shit," says no less than Joe Armstrong, one of the Fathers of Erlang.) Then register via an "Intro to Elixir" morning bootcamp ticket, and spend the morning learning how to easily build highly-reliable, highly-scalable server systems using Elixir, and why it (and Erlang/OTP) should be in your programmer's toolkit.

- Advanced Topics workshops

But, what if you are an experienced Erlang/OTP developer? We haven't forgotten you! Register via an Advanced Topics workshops ticket, and spend the morning learning cutting-edge techniques, including a session on practical property-based testing using PropEr.

And in the afternoon, the conference...

After the lunch break, all attendees be treated to presentations by some of the most expert Erlanguatans from around the world, on how and why they use Erlang and OTP in the real world to solve complex problems.

We'll be updating the ErlangDC site with additional details over the next few weeks.


Come to ErlangDC R13B. Meet fellow Erlang enthusiasts from DC, the nation, and the world. Learn Elixir and advanced Erlang/OTP practices. Hear inspirational tales of prodigious feats of programming, swap war stories of your own, and make lifelong friends over pints at the post-conference social.

And, just one more thing...

Did we mention that, as a present to YOU, all tickets are at a special low holiday price. Yup, it's true. If we could wrap it in a bow, we would.

(And, if you don't know, December is an especially nice time of year to visit Washington DC.)

ErlangDC R13B. Reliably awesome. Just like Erlang.

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Fernando "Brujo" Benavides
Enrique Paz
Rolph De Ruiter
Frank Hunleth
Kristian Kristensen
Josh Adams
Drew Kerrigan
Dan Kerrigan


  Room A Room B
8:00 AM Registration
8:50 AM Welcoming Remarks
9:00 AM Crash Course in Elixir
Josh Adams
PropEr Training
Rolph De Ruiter
Hacking Riak
Dan Kerrigan
12:00 PM Lunch
(bring own, or purchase from local restaurant)
1:40 PM Using Erlang in a Cross-Compiled World
Frank Hunleth
2:20 PM Spilgames & Our Widget Platform
Enrique Paz
3:00 PM From Erlang to Java and Back Again
Fernando "Brujo" Benavides
3:40 PM Break
4:00 PM Brewing ALE with Pi
Kristian Kristensen
4:40 PM Distributed Elixir Mini-Hackathon
Drew Kerrigan
6:40 PM Closing Remarks
7:00 PM Happy Hour
(cash bar at local establishment)


Georgetown University
McCarthy Hall - McShain Lounge
37th and O St., N.W.
Washington, DC 20057-1088
Map and Directions

Parking: The parking lot on the south side of campus is only 5 dollars for all day.


Founder of 10io
Founder of ErlangCamp

Development Setup

IMPORTANT: The Software ErlangDC R13B Attendees Need to Install Before Saturday

Remember, everyone, if you want to get the most from ErlangDC R13B... BRING YOUR LAPTOP (or equivalent computing device). You will also want to make sure that you have your favorite editor (of course). Some of the hands-on work will require pulling from git repositorities. So, if you don’t use Github, you should brush up on basic Github commands, and/or install Github software (touched upon in the article).

For those participating in “Crash Course in Elixir” and/or the “Distributed Elixir Mini-Hackathon”, make sure you have Elixir (and Erlang R16B02) properly installed. Section 1.1 ('Installation') of the Elixir Getting Started guide will show you how.

FYI, those instructions will have information for installing precompiled Erlang packages, available for most modern OSes. These packages are easy to install, and work great. If you are running Windows, in particular, take the precompiled package route. But, if you are running *nix, and want to install Erlang from source, Drew suggests using his instructions.

Lastly, Advanced Erlanguatans in the “PropEr Training” workshop should have rebar installed. But, you already know that. :p.

If -- try as you might -- you just can’t get the required software installed, please be on site at 0800 AM on Saturday, so that we can try to get you sorted out before everything kicks off at 0900 AM.